We offer video translation services by delivering audio and subtitles (Telop) in multiple languages.
We have a business tie-up with “Rikaian Technology”, a translation company in Pune, India’s academic city.

Video Translation


Using the translation platform developed in-house by Rikaian Technology, we provide low-cost and high-quality video translation services. With our global human production system and background, including quality checks, we provide translation services that meet your needs.

What is video translation?

Video translation means translating languages based on original video works and making them multilingual.
There are several ways of multilingualization. In general, there are ways such as displaying the translated language in text as subtitles, and replacing the translated language with the original audio.

Utilization of video translation

The advantage of translating videos is, of course, that the content can be understood by viewers who do not understand the language of the original version.
Video translation can be used in many scenarios such as learning, promotion, and entertainment.
It can be used in a wide range of ways, including as a communication support tool for providing effective information to the increasing number of foreign workers and diversifying citizens within companies and local communities.

Video translation example

Translation example A: Adding machine voice and subtitles to the promotional video

Source (original) video
(English audio)

Translate to Japanese
(Machine voice + Subtitles)

Translation examples B and C: Replace the e-learning video with subtitles or translated machine voice

B: Add subtitles

C: Replace with machine voice

Translation example D: Replace the voice of the online explanation video with the translated machine voice

Source (original) video
(English audio)

Translate to Japanese
(Machine voice)

About our video translation service

We use the latest IT technology to provide high-quality translations in a short period of time.

Languages supported for translation

We mainly handle Japanese ⇔ English translation, but we also handle translations in other major languages around the world. We are especially good at translating official languages used in India. Please contact us for details.

[Reference: Languages that can be translated]


・You can choose font type, color and background for subtitles.
・Subtitles can be turned on/off.


・You can choose font type, color and background for subtitles.
・Subtitles can be turned on/off.


The actual fee may vary depending on the amount of information in the actual video data and the level of expertise. Please check the free estimate sheet provided.

Basic fee for translation

  • Japanese to English translation: 4,000 JPY per minute (excluding tax)
    English to Japanese translation: 4,200 JPY per minute (excluding tax)

* Fractions less than 1 minute will be rounded up.
Example: 1 minute and 40 seconds of content ⇒ 2 minutes of content will be charged for translation

*If you only request translation, we will deliver the translated content in text file or Excel file format. If you want to embed subtitles and audio in the video, please refer the following combination with the options.


❶Audio script creation (transcribe and convert audio and subtitles into text in the original language)
◇English: 500 JPY (every minute. Rounded up. Tax not included)
◇ Japanese: 1,000 JPY (every minute. Rounded up. Tax not included)

❷ Subtitle insertion
◇English: 250 JPY (every minute. Rounded up. Tax not included)
◇ Japanese: 500 JPY (every minute. Rounded up. Tax not included)

❸ Machine voice creation
◇English: 400 JPY (every minute. Rounded up. Tax not included)
◇ Japanese: 800 JPY (every minute. Rounded up. Tax not included)

Cost calculation example

Source (original) video               
・Playback time: 2 minutes 30 seconds
・Audio language: Japanese
・Subtitles: None

Target (translation result) video
・Playback time: No change
・Audio language: Japanese
・Subtitles: Added English subtitles

◆Example of cost calculation for the above translation and a new video creating
Translation cost: (4,000 JPY x 3 minutes) + subtitle insertion: (250 JPY x 3 minutes) =   12,750yen+tax

Videos in Various Industries


・Financial knowledge videos and podcasts in local languages
・Sales and marketing videos of financial products


・Educational videos in the local language


・Multilingual training videos for care center workers and doctors
・Educational videos for patients

Medical care

・Educational videos in local languages to respond to the global market
・Multilingual product demo videos


・Various reports
* It is estimated that the number of viewers will increase by 200% if the content is translated into the local language.


・Communication tool videos with local stakeholders in agriculture, rural development, etc.