Indian film distribution support

India is the world’s largest film powerhouse with the largest number of film productions and total number of viewers. We introduce Maharashtrian films to Japanese distributors, which are produced in Mumbai, West India.

●Market research in India (Maharashtra)
・Find Maharashtrian movies that meet your interests
・Creating a report on the box office results of movies that were broadcasted locally
・Provide information such as the popularity of directors and casts
・Investigate local reviews and popularity
● Support in the process of movie selection
・Negotiations with the Indian side (production company)
・Provide synopsis, songs, trailers, etc. in Japanese
●Support after selecting a movie
・Creation of legal documents related to broadcasting in Japan
・Translate everything necessary for distribution into Japanese

In addition, we respond to requests from Japanese cinemas, online platforms, and distribution companies. We will provide support in cooperation with a dedicated team in Maharashtra. Please feel free to contact us.