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Global Runway Co., Ltd. operates across Japan and Asian powerhouse India. Empowered by IT technology and people, our operations thrive on a global business scheme. With a shared vision for progress and sustainability, we wish for further development of both nations.
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Support cross-border business between Japan and India.

Our business mission is to help distribute superior IT and global communication services across borders.
Our business supports the overseas expansion of companies with excellent systems, services, and content.
We provide market research, consulting, localization, and sales-related services necessary for this purpose.
Through these business activities, we will contribute to the further development of our customers and the countries in which we operate.


Forging a Dynamic Future: Strengthening India-Japan Collaboration.

Global Runway Limited develops business through collaboration between Japan and India. We would like to contribute to the further development of both countries by making the most of the respective characteristics of the economy, culture and society of both countries.
Japan and India have shared a relationship for over 1500 years. As is widely known, Buddhism came to Japan from India through China, and after that, not only cultural exchanges but also economic exchanges through the trade of cotton and other goods continued without interruption. According to an opinion poll on Japan in India, Indians have an image of Japan as "a country with advanced technology" and "a country that loves peace.



Our business fields are Japan and India.
Our management team is also made up of Japanese and Indian staff.
All of them are members with long-term work experience in business areas centered on IT.
In addition, we have strong partnerships for business. We believe our team can help you solve your challenges.

SERVICEConsidering expanding your business in India?

We support business expansion into India and provide services in cooperation with local staff and partner companies in India.