Business expansion support in India

We support business expansion from Japan to India.
Taking into account the Indian market characteristics, business environment, etc., we will guide you to the optimal solution and help your business take off as soon as possible.
India is a large country with a vast land area. Different regions and states have different languages and customs, as well as different business characteristics. Our company is based in Maharashtra, western India, which has the largest area and population in vast India. But we also provide support in other regions of India, so feel free to consult us. In addition, we provide consultation regarding the development of IT services and businesses that utilize online shopping (cross-border e-commerce).
We are committed to providing customized services that cater to the specific needs of companies looking to expand or begin their business in India.


Our service

We will provide the following support according to your company’s needs.

Support for decision-making and business planning

・Product evaluation, market research, competition research
・Business strategy formulation
・Trials, test marketing, and test sales
・Acquisition of sales system, licenses, trade name, and other information

Base establishment support

・Introduction of office
・Company formation
・Recruitment of local personnel

Local management support

・Sales promotion, sales support
・Management support
・Daily support for travelers

Sales support

・Construction of distribution and sales channels
・Support for business, marketing, sales improvement, etc.

Our story

Major manufacturer company
So far, the company has shipped its products to Japan, Europe, USA, South East Asia and is developing its business globally. The company is considering shipping products to the Indian market to further expand sales of its products.
・There is no contact with the Indian market, and information on distribution routes and business operators is required
・Need information on best practices and supporters for conducting market research
・Do not know how to build a local system when actually expanding

Due to the influence of the corona virus, it is difficult to travel easily. During such times, a local supporter who would do the leg-work and collect information is needed. Such customers come to us for support.

Proposal summary from our company
1st step
・Collect information using local investigators
・Search and introduction to local distributors
・Planning and accompanying for site visits
2nd step
・Planning and implementation of test marketing, and evaluation support
3rd step
・Preparation for full-scale entry into the Indian market
– Establishment of systems and mechanisms for commercialization
– Marketing strategy planning support

We can make flexible proposals regarding the content and scope of the business.
If your company is considering doing business in India, please contact us.