Based in Tokyo, we provide coordination services for companies planning to expand into India through collaboration with staff residing in India and partner companies. We provide a wide range of services such as preliminary surveys for entering India, support for business plan formulation, and localization services, etc. We provide support to drive companies to succeed in entering India.
Expanding overseas is a big challenge for many companies, not just India, and knowledge of the local culture, language, laws, etc. is necessary. Our coordinators with expertise in the Indian market provide many insights and concrete measures to achieve your goals.
Our goal is for Japanese companies to successfully enter Indian market and expand their operations in there. Our mission is to contribute to the growth of the companies, and we are working hard every day.
We would like to continue to provide services to help more companies succeed in entering India, and to contribute to economic globalization and the promotion of further friendship between India and Japan.

Kiichi Takayama

・Warp Style Ltd. CEO
・Sepia Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Director  

After graduating from university, engaged in SI business, ASP business, etc. at a major IT vendor.
2011 Established Warp Style Ltd. Engaged in business such as IT consulting while managing the company.