Background to the popularity of Indian technicians.

India has a huge population and a higher percentage of mathematics and science degree holders than many other countries. Even on a global scale, it can be said that Japan is an IT talent powerhouse that continues to produce highly skilled human resource in science and mathematics, especially IT, every year. We would like to introduce the background of the popularity of such IT personnel in India and the efforts to recruit them.

[Attractiveness of IT human resources in India]

High absolute number:
There is a large talent pool of young to mid-career engineers. 1 million new graduates are produced every year.
There are many talented engineers:
  There are many engineers with highly specialized technical skills.
English skills
India has many local languages in each region. However, advanced education at universities and other institutions is often conducted in English, so many engineers are able to read, write, and communicate in English without difficulty.

[High competence and presence]

Indian IT engineers, especially graduates of difficult technical universities such as IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology), are receiving a lot of attention from major companies around the world. In fact, the number of engineers who are employed by major overseas IT vendors and work overseas is increasing significantly. Japanese companies have been slower in hiring Indian engineers compared to European and American counterparts, but some Japanese companies are now actively working towards recruiting Indian engineering talent. It is believed that the demand for Indian engineers will continue to increase, especially for advanced IT engineers.

[Points regarding efforts to hire Indian engineers]

■ Recruitment of new graduates:
・Collaboration with Indian universities
・Obtain information such as recruitment period and recruitment system (in many cases, it varies depending on the region and university)
・Hold/participate in local events and conduct recruitment activities. Take advantage of online platforms.

■ Mid-career recruitment:
・Creation of opportunities to let people know the presence of companies and Japan (participation in events, etc.)
・Introduction through word of mouth and acquaintances
・Use of LinkedIn
・Use of agents, especially Indian agents

India and Japan have a long history of effective relations. The number of people who are interested in Japanese food and culture is also increasing. In the future, it is hoped that we will further deepen human exchanges and build relationships as permanent partners in terms of economy and industry.